Trianum: biological protection for the root system


Trianum: biological protection for the root system

06 July 2021

Trianum: biological protection for the root system

Trianum works on the basis of the following principles:

  • Trichoderma harzianum T-22 fungi are true champions, as they grow faster than other soil-borne fungi. This ensures that other harmful fungi don't get a chance to establish themselves anywhere near the roots.
  • Trianum steals the nutrition from these pathogens, ensuring that they have no chance to develop.
  • Trianum grows around the mycelium of the pathogen, destroys the pathogen’s cell wall and kills it.
  • The Trichoderma harzianum T-22 fungi promote the growth of extra root hairs and a stronger (branched) root system, allowing water and nutrients to be absorbed more effectively. This gives rise to better yields with a stronger and more uniform crop, which is especially beneficial when cultivation conditions are not optimal or stressful.
  • Trianum strengthens the defence mechanism of the parts of the plant above the ground. This makes the crop more resistant to fungi like Fusarium which can affect seedlings as well as the leaves, flowers, stems, and fruit of adult plants.
  • Sometimes certain nutrients, such as trace elements and phosphates, are fixed in the soil and cannot be absorbed by the plant. But Trianum can solubilize these nutrients and make them available for the crop, giving the plant a significant boost in growth!

(107) Trichoderma harzianum T22 combats Fusarium in maize roots – Koppert Biological Systems - YouTube

Trichoderma harzianum T22 combats Fusarium in tomato

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